If you missed Open Enrollment (which ended in December 2020) you may have a new opportunity to secure coverage!

Don’t just go to the open market. There are several reasons to use a local agent, and best of all, our services and assistance are offered at no additional cost to you!

The Value of a Local Agent

• Qualifying for a Premium Tax Credit (a.k.a. Subsidy/Stipend)

• Help you determine which network of physicians, hospitals, etc. are best for you and your family

• See if you qualify for Cost Share Reductions (lower copays and deductibles)

• Service throughout the year. Did you receive a bill from your doctor and not sure if you should pay it? Call your agent throughout the year for help…NOT an 800 number!!

• Check to make sure your medications are covered and how much you can expect to pay

• Help you review ancillary plans (dental, accident, hospital, etc.) that you may need and not realize.

• Most of all…In-person, face-to-face assistance at no additional cost to you!!


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