Why Spill Kits Are a Must

Are You Prepared For Hurricane Season?
July 10, 2017

One of our clients recently had a piece of equipment vandalized and turned over on its side.  This caused about thirty gallons of fuel to spill into some isolated standing water.   A mechanic for an equipment dealer happened by right after the incident and called the police and the client.   The local authorities then called regulatory officials and our client had to call a contractor to clean up the spill.   The bill for the cleanup was approximately $4500.00, which is relatively small considering the potential for what could have been.   Had our client had immediate access to Ramsorb they could have possibly prevented the need for the outside vendor to clean up the spill or significantly reduce the cost of clean up.

Reduce Your Exposure

With the ever-increasing regulatory scrutiny on environmental issues these days, having Ramsorb spill kits is a must for several reasons: Having kits available when a spill takes place allows the company to begin cleaning up immediately, possibly negating or greatly reducing the cost of any clean up that may be necessary depending upon the size of the spill.   In the event an accident results in the DEP, EPA, Water management district or other agency being called, having the kit shows the company as being proactive and prepared and will help in dealing with regulatory agencies verses not having any measures whatsoever to clean up.   If an accident or spill results in an insurance claim, underwriters and adjusters will view the situation much more favorably if the insured has taken steps to mitigate the cost of any possible claims or prevent them all together.  So, being prepared, and taking steps to reduce the cost of or eliminate a claim will result in significant savings on insurance premiums in years to come.

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