Residents who live in Northeast Florida, including the St. Johns and Putnam County areas, can call our office for all of their financial planning needs. With today’s economy, it’s important to have low-risk investments and tax efficient programs that allow you to make the most of every dollar. When you are searching for the perfect company to help you with all of your financial planning needs, you want one that understands your needs as well as your limits.

Areas We Cover

Not only do we offer financial planning services in St. Johns County, we also offer services to the residents of both Ponte Vedra and St. Augustine. Everyone’s financial needs are different and not every family can afford to invest large sums of money at one time. We are able to create investment programs that are tailored to your specific needs. This means finding opportunities designed to produce the highest return on your investment in a specific time period.

Protecting Your Interests

We work hard to protect your interests. This involves investing your savings in plans that incur the lowest possible risk of loss and the highest potential for gain. We will discuss the options that are available to you that include both long-term and short-term investment options. Our financial planning services include a wide variety of opportunities that will allow you to get the most out of every dollar you choose to invest. Before creating any type of plan, we make sure you know what types of accounts will work best for the amount of money you have to invest.

Trust and Reputation

We believe in building positive working relationships with each of our clients. You are entrusting us with your future. Our goal is to build a solid relationship based on trust and respect. We have earned our reputation of being the best at what we do by getting to know each customer on a personal level and then taking that knowledge and creating an investment plan that meets and exceeds their expectations.

Whether you are looking for financial planning in St. Augustine or financial planning in Ponte Vedra, our goal is to ensure that your investments and retirement portfolios are fully protected and secured to provide you with the best possible return. We know that every dollar is hard earned and must be put into a program that allows it the opportunity to continue to work for you. Contact our office today and let us help you build a portfolio that is personalized to your exact needs. We can help you figure out how much you can safely invest and employ specific investments that will help you to boost your profits over time.

About Bates Hewett & Floyd

When you think about an independent insurance agency in Northeast Florida, you probably think of a small to medium size office run by a family or a few employees. If you have never visited or been inside Bates Hewett & Floyd, you have not experienced the big picture. With 30 employed professionals we are one big family (some blood, most not) that spans three offices and are spread throughout the many facets of insurance that Bates Hewett & Floyd.

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