When looking for the best forestry insurance in Florida, there are a number of essential factors to consider.  Most agencies offer positive answers to some of the following questions but it is important that the agency you choose gives you the confidence every land and timber owner needs in all of these areas.

Are they Approachable?

You need an agent is available and always ready to help you. If you are planning to buy new equipment, expand, and buy or lease new property, it is important to have an agent who is available and ready to answer whatever questions you have and then offer solutions.

Are they Transparent?

Contracts on your land can expose you to new liabilities and improper coverage can lead to financial disaster. Insurance agents are not lawyers and a good agent will encourage you to find one to review all contracts. However, an agent should offer valuable insight as to what your policy should be. Most will know a lawyer who can help you ensure that contractual provisions that affect your business are sound.

Do they Have a Good Name?

Forestry insurance is fairly specialized so it shouldn’t be hard to find other landowners who already use whoever you are considering. Many agents will be glad to give you the names of longtime clients so you should ask for references that you contact.

Are they Responsive?

One of the things to ask those clients is, “How responsive is the agent?  Does the agent respond to all claims and potential claims as quickly as possible?


A business person who owns forest land and/or forest products pays a substantial amount of money for commercial logging insurance in Florida. Even if you own a fairly small timbered property, the cost of coverage can vary greatly. Selecting a firm who has a good understanding of your business operations is the best ways to minimize any potential negative experiences.

Forestry insurance is critical and can become somewhat complicated. Finding the right agent who meets all the above criteria goes a long way in providing peace of mind for you, your family, and your business.

Choose the Best

The agents of Bates Hewett & Floyd have the skills and reputation to provide you with the highest quality of service possible in the Northeast Florida area. Each agent is fully licensed and bonded to ensure that you are fully protected at all levels. If you are starting to look for insurance, call the agents of Bates Hewett & Floyd today to have all of your questions answered.