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November 26, 2018
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Businesses are constantly experiencing change. As change occurs, so do the involved risks. While many risks remain the same, there is often new risks that present themselves. At Bates Hewett and Floyd, we are here to customize an insurance plan to ensure your business is protected. We offer Directors & Officers Insurance Policies that not only protect the director and officers but your company as a whole, as well. We cover the Northeast Florida and Georgia areas by offering policies that cover a wide range of claims against businesses.

What is D&O Insurance?

Directors & Officers Insurance Policies are meant to provide directors and officers’ liability protection in the event of a lawsuit. If enacted, the liability insurance is there to cover legal fees, settlements, and other expenses. Directors and officers play a key role in a company’s operations, and claims of fraud, misrepresentation of company assets, misuse of company’s funds, and failure to comply with workplace laws are all examples of why a director or officer may find themselves in heated legal proceedings.

Do only large non-profits need it?

A common misconception is that large for-profit organizations are the only companies that need Directors & Officers Insurance Policies. Conversely, directors and officers of even a small nonprofit organization can be at risk for damages exceeding their net worth. Due to businesses operating in such a litigious legal environment, small business owners and nonprofit organizations are equally exposed to personal liability and should consider Directors & Officers Liability Insurance.

What’s the risk?

The cost to defend an organization and its members can be devastating, and while Directors & Officers Insurance was once thought of as expensive coverage, it is now recognized as a much-needed coverage. Directors & Officers Insurance Policies may include coverage for all directors, officers, employees, including staff, volunteers, and committee members. Most policies do not have a deductible applicable to the individual directors and officers and many include coverage for claims made against the company itself, even if no director or officer is listed. This means that all persons insured within the organization are protected against damages from claims of sexual harassment, unfair hiring and firing, and discrimination.

Any business, big or small, that has a corporate board or advisory committee should consider investing in Directors & Officers Insurance Policies. With today’s policies being so affordable and accessible, there really is no reason why an organization should put their company and members at risk by ignoring this product.

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