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Palatka residents have a variety of insurance needs. From residential, homeowners, and auto insurance coverage to insurance designed to meet the needs of local businesses. Just as the people who call Palatka home need many different types of insurance protection, so do the businesses that operate here, providing jobs, goods, and services to the community. Since all businesses are unique, we offer a robust lineup of insurance products designed to meet the needs of the many businesses call Palatka home.

Business Auto Insurance

Whether you operate a fleet of cars to carry out your business needs or you have one or two cars that operate on behalf of your business, you need business auto insurance to protect your business vehicles, employees and staff who drive them, and the financial interests of your business should an accident occur.

Property Insurance

Business property is more than the building where your business is located. It extends to goods and inventory on hand, equipment, and machinery necessary to carry out your business, and furniture and fixtures in your business spaces. The right amount of coverage here can be a lifesaver for your business when covered events occur.

General Liability Insurance

In today’s litigious society, this can be one of the most essential types of insurance coverage your business invests in. While the standard small business package, provides some general liability protection, most businesses feel comfortable extending the amount of liability protection beyond that amount.

Small Business Package

This package is a package that involves a variety of insurance products almost all small businesses need. Depending on the package you purchase or the company you work with it may include some or all of the following:

  • Property insurance
  • General liability insurance
  • Business interruption coverage. Which providers protection for your business for the lost income that occurs when you are forced to close your doors for business while repairs are made or operate out of a temporary location.

These packages are not designed to be all of the insurance your business needs but do offer standard protection that most, if not all, businesses require.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance (WCI)

This insurance is required by law for most businesses that have employees. While some small businesses are not required to carry it, it is a wise investment for all businesses to make as it offers protection for your business from lawsuits related to accidents, injuries, and illnesses that occur as a result of employees performing their job functions.

These are just a few prime examples of the variety of insurance products available to help businesses manage their risks more effectively. Contact Bates Hewett & Floyd Risk & Insurance today to learn more about these and many other Palatka business insurance products we offer that provides essential protection for your business.

Bates Hewett & Floyd

When you think about an independent insurance agency in Northeast Florida, you probably think of a small to medium size office run by a family or a few employees. If you have never visited or been inside Bates Hewett & Floyd, you have not experienced the big picture. With 30 employed professionals (currently seeking additional candidates to join the team) we are one big family (some blood, most not) that spans three offices and are spread throughout the many facets of insurance that Bates Hewett & Floyd.

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