One of the main drivers of today’s world is convenience. Those who lead exceptionally busy lives (and even those who don’t) not only appreciate the convenience, they often need it, if they are to accomplish their everyday tasks.  

Yet, convenience is not always about technology. For instance, consumers residing in Northeast Florida and nearby Georgia communities can solve each insurance issue by selecting a professional Palatka Insurance Agency that offers comprehensive insurance coverage, as well as financial planning services for the following insurance lines –

Line of Insurance

Coverage Options

Business Insurance

Auto, Liability, Worker’s Compensation, Umbrella & Crime, among other options.

Personal Insurance

Life, Home, Health, Umbrella, Long-Term Care, Auto & Annuity, to name a few.

Health Insurance

For families, groups or Individuals concerning Medicare, Life, Dental, Vision, & Health.

‘Bundling’ insurance policies is not a concept, however, the strong renewed interest to carry multiple insurance policies with one professional insurance agent is likely due to the exceptional convenience and savings it offers. 

Those who truly understand the valuable benefits provided by maintaining their insurance policies with one insurance agent need no further convincing.

The Advantages of Using a Comprehensive Approach

Insurance Premium Discounts

The insurance industry is highly competitive. As a result, insurers offer incentives to customers who choose to buy more than one policy with the same insurance agent. 

Most businesses or consumers shopping for insurance place a high priority on the cost of their premiums. When learning that there are potential premium discounts for simply having more than one insurance policy issued by the same insurance agent, a consumer generally needs no further persuasion.  

While the discounts vary, they can offer substantial savings that add up significantly over time. 

Time Savings

When the same insurance agency handles multiple insurance policies, the insured only needs to make one call to manage several insurance matters.

The Whole Picture

When choosing one insurance agency to manage all your insurance needs, policyholders can rest assured that every aspect of your life is being considered and covered. A comprehensive approach to your insurance means looking a the whole picture of your life and work to ensure you have proper risk management in place. This way, you can look to prevent issues or claims from every happening in the first place!

Your Insurance Agent Does All the Work

Your insurance agent, with their experience and training, does the legwork when researching the best and most cost-effective policy that meets your needs. This alleviates the countless time consumers spend when researching the best policy that meets their insurance needs. 

Remember though, not every insurance agency is created equal; choose carefully and wisely. Choose Bates Hewett & Floyd for all your insurance needs. 

Bates Hewett & Floyd

When you think about an independent insurance agency in Northeast Florida, you probably think of a small to medium-size office run by a family or a few employees. If you have never visited or been inside Bates Hewett & Floyd, you have not experienced the big picture. With 30 employed professionals (currently seeking additional candidates to join the team) we are one big family (some blood, most not) that spans three offices and are spread throughout the many facets of insurance that Bates Hewett & Floyd.

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