Putnam Insurance: What Makes You Unique?

Putnam County, Florida is a beautiful place to live, raise a family, and retire. There is a lot to love about this area, which offers a slower pace of life when compared to many of the larger cities throughout the state. Here you will find scenic drives, outstanding fishing, and plenty of opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors with easy access to shopping in Palatka. There are so many things that make the community, and the people who live here, unique. From an insurance perspective, you also face unique risks.

St. John’s River

A source of entertainment, recreation, food, transportation, and industry throughout the area, St. John’s River is also subject to dangerous and costly flooding. It is also an essential part of the community and the landscape throughout Putnam County. While insurance cannot change the fact that this area floods, flood insurance for your home, business, or even rental, can help you repair or replace things that are damaged or destroyed when flooding occurs.

Be mindful that most flood insurance policies do not go into effect for 30 days after purchase unless you’re purchasing or refinancing your property. Plus, floods can occur at any time of year and not only during hurricane season. This is a policy you need to maintain throughout the year in order to be effective when you need it most.

Hurricane Season

Putnam County may not be located directly on the coast, but that doesn’t make it any less vulnerable to hurricanes and the damaging winds, tornadoes, and storm surge that accompany them. You need a powerful combination of home or business insurance as well as flood insurance to protect your property from the ravages a hurricane can leave behind.


Wildfires come on without warning and can cause devastating destruction. Putnam County has faced its own share of wildfire risks over the years and will continue to face them. Most are related to human error, weather conditions, and, unfortunately, arson. These fires are unpredictable, spread remarkably fast, and are as destructive, financially, as they are emotional. They can also turn deadly, especially to people who rush back into the hot zone to protect possessions, pets, etc.


As of 2007, Putnam County was home to approximately 74,482 acres of farmland. That’s pretty big business, considering that the vegetables alone harvested and sold in Putnam County account for nearly $20 million, yearly, in revenue. Farmers throughout the region need insurance protection as well.

Bates Hewett & Floyd Risk & Insurance understands the unique insurance protection needs Putnam County residents face. We are proud to call this area our home and work hard to serve your unique needs well with our efforts to help you mitigate your risks with proper Putnam insurance protection. Call us today at 386-328-1100 to learn about the many ways we can help.

Putnam County in 60-seconds

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