Insuring a Valentine’s Day Proposal – And Beyond  

Are you practicing your proposal speech and picking out pants that are comfortable in the kneeling position? Valentine’s Day is the perfect setup for a romantic proposal, but you have more to think about than what you’ll say and how many tears she’ll shed as she responds with a yes. Insurance policies can help you protect not only the ring but the memorable experiences that come after the proposal as well.

1. Insure the ring and wedding bands.

By the time you invest in an engagement ring and two wedding bands, you’re more than likely beyond the maximum coverage offered under your renter’s or homeowner’s insurance policy. Depending on the ring you select, you may get there just with the engagement ring. That leaves you with a substantial financial loss if something happens to the ring and/or bands.

Securing a special insurance policy will give you peace of mind while ensuring that any loss is quickly replaced. Ring insurance may also cover you in circumstances that aren’t applicable for your homeowner’s insurance policy.

2. Secure event insurance for the big day.

After you’re engaged, the wedding day plans begin. Once you select your date and venue, follow up with event insurance to cover any mishaps that might otherwise lead to financial loss. For instance, your insurance may protect your investment if you need to cancel your wedding at the last minute. It may also cover any damage to the property that occurs as a result of your wedding.

No one wants to imagine something ruining their wedding day, but accidents and disasters rarely come with warnings. Event insurance is one of those things that you buy but hope you’ll never use.

3. Cover your honeymoon with travel insurance.

What could go wrong on your honeymoon? There are more possibilities than you may realize. Travel insurance will protect you from many circumstances that could leave you out a lot of cash, including:

  • Trip cancellation
  • Medical emergencies
  • Trip delays or interruptions
  • Lost or stolen luggage

Depending on where you honeymoon, you may run into unexpected delays due to cultural or political setbacks. All it takes is one missing suitcase or a stolen bag to turn your vacation upside down. Travel insurance gives you the protection you need to recover quickly and continue the trip on an upbeat note.

4. Protect your marriage in the long-term with renter’s and/or homeowner’s insurance.

What comes after the honeymoon? Maybe you’ll move into an apartment with your new spouse or buy a home or condo. Either way, you need insurance to protect the property as well as all your belongings inside the home.

As you make these big steps forward in life, we’re proud to serve as your professional insight into the insurance world. Contact us today to discuss your Valentine’s Day proposal and the protection you need to secure all of your assets.

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