A message from Florida Blue CEO, Pat Geraghty 

We’re here to help

“We’re closely monitoring the developments and are making it easy for you to get the latest information. Just click the novel coronavirus link at the top of floridablue.com or on our mobile app. In the meantime, we’ve made some changes to make it easier if you need to get tested and treated for COVID-19 and increased access to other health care services, including:

  • Waiving copays and deductibles related to the medical test for the virus. You should call your primary care doctor if you’re experiencing symptoms linked to the novel coronavirus. If you go to an urgent care center or ER you could become infected and also infect others. If your doctor feels you need to be tested, the lab test itself is at no cost to you. However, there may be charges for the collection fee or if other office services or tests (like for flu test) are performed.
  • Increasing access to necessary medications. We’re waiving early medication refill limits on 30-day prescription maintenance medications and/or encouraging members to use 90-day mail order benefit. If you need help with mail order, please call us at the customer service number on the back of your member ID card or call 800-352-2583.
  • Offering counseling for members feeling stress related to the novel coronavirus. In partnership with New Directions Behavioral Health, you can talk to specially trained behavioral health counselors at no cost. You can talk with a counselor 24/7 about stress you may be feeling by calling the toll-free help line at 833-848-1762. The counselors will not be able to assist with questions about COVID-19 testing or treatment, so please call us at the number on the back of your member ID card or call 800-352-2583 for help with those questions
  • Strongly encouraging members to take advantage of virtual visits for less serious medical issues. You can help protect your health and avoid a crowded doctor’s office for non-emergency illnesses by using virtual visits and taking advantage of Teladoc services (visit www.floridablue.com/docview/Teledoc-Group-U65-Flier/). Consider doing a virtual visit for a sinus infection, sore throat, rash, allergies, upset stomach or other non-emergency situations. And medications, except controlled substances, can be prescribed. A virtual visit lets you get the care you need, when you need it, plus keeps you out of the waiting room. Your normal cost share will apply to the visit.
  • Coming soon: more options for virtual care. You’ll soon be able to have Teladoc virtual visits at $0 cost share. And we’re working with our network providers to offer virtual visits. Keep checking back at the top of floridablue.com or the mobile app for the latest information as we make it easier for you to get non-emergency care from the comfort of your home.”

Bates Hewett & Floyd

When you think about an independent insurance agency in Northeast Florida, you probably think of a small to a medium-size office run by a family or a few employees. If you have never visited or been inside Bates Hewett & Floyd, you have not experienced the big picture. With 30 employed professionals (currently seeking additional candidates to join the team) we are one big family (some blood, most not) that spans three offices and are spread throughout the many facets of insurance that Bates Hewett & Floyd.

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