We have some exciting news! 80% of the people in our County and surrounding Counties qualify for a tax credit for Health Insurance called a subsidy.

Zero Premium Health Insurance

A subsidy is a credit paid by the IRS to the carrier – the health insurance carrier on your behalf, to offset the cost of health insurance. The new rates are out and we have new plans.

A lot of people qualify for a subsidy and they get a zero premium. That’s right. You heard it right – ZERO PREMIUM. Meaning you wouldn’t have to pay anything for health insurance.

Take the time to give us a call. Let us evaluate your situation to see what your cost would be.

Contact us even if you already have coverage

Even if you have coverage and you’ve received a letter saying it’s going to roll over, it may roll over, it probably will, but your rate will be less if you give us a call. Let us reevaluate your application.

So remember, you may qualify for a subsidy, and you could get a Zero Premium Plan meaning no cost to you. Give us a call 328.1100.